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Maganda ang pagtayo ng negosyong car wash service shop, lalo na’t kapag maganda ang iyong location at maganda ang maibibigay mong serbisyo sa mga customers. Ngunit kailangan din ng maingat na pagpaplano, dahil medyo may kalakihan din ang kailangan na puhunan. Narito ang mga tips para sa pagtayo ng car wash business. Business minded people will often have great business ideas, but they put them on hold due to a lack of capital. They assume that their idea will never get far off the ground unless they have major funding behind them. If you’re thinking of starting a business, you first need to come up with a realistic idea you can turn into a product or service.


Bago magumpisa ng isang negosyo, importante ang pagsagawa ng market research. Halimbawa, maganda ba ang location kung saan magtatayo ka ng car wash shop? Mayroon ka bang madaming kalaban o competition doon, at sinu-sino mga kalaban mong mga ibang car wash center doon sa lugar, at magkano ang china-charge nilang presyo para sa pag-car wash?

Maganda kung ang car wash ay malapit sa residential area, at kung saan nadadaanan din ng maraming sasakyan. Pumili din ng lugar na medyo malawak para kasyang maparadahan ng ilang sasakyan at may pwesto para sa mga kagamitan mo pang car wash, tulad ng pumps, vacuum, atbp.

Zoning regulations

Kailangan mo rin siguraduhin kung maaari ka bang magpatayo sa lugar na napili ng car wash shop, ayon sa zoning regulations ng city. Halimbawa, kapag maraming nakaparadang sasakyan ng customers sa labas ng car wash mo, maaaring magreklamo ang mga ibang residente sa lugar. Ganito din ang tubig at sabon na umaagos palabas ng car wash, na maaaring ikagalit ng ibang tao (kaya’t maganda rin makipagkaibigan muna sa mga nasa paligid na bahay o tindahan, upang makapagtanong-tanong). Isa pa, maaaring makaapekto din ang water pump sa lakas ng daloy ng tubig sa ibang bahay sa lugar, kaya’t siguraduhin na malakas ang daloy ng tubig doon sa lugar kung saan itatayo ang car wash shop.

Puhunan/Investment sa car wash equipment

Pwera sa puhunan sa upa/rent (kapag hindi sayo ang lugar) at sahod sa tauhan (na tutulong sayo maglinis ng sasakyan ng mga customers), kailangan mo rin ng puhunan para sa mga kagamitan o car wash equipment. Depende kung gaano kalaki at kalawak ang services na ma-offer mo sa mga customers ng iyong car wash, pero kadalasan, ito ang mga pinaka-basic na kagamitan na kailangan:

- Soap para sa kotse,

- Wax para sa kotse,

- Timba (bucket)

- Sponge,

- High pressure water pump (maaaring makabili ng P10,000-20,000)

- Vacuum cleaner (Mayroong mga maliliit na mga nasa P5,000)

- Chamois (Parang leather na pang linis ng sasakyan)

- Glass cleaner,

- Car polish (for interior)

- Tire shine/Tire black


Kadalasan mula P100-400 ang singil sa pag-car wash ng isang sasakyan, depende sa anong klaseng linis ang gagawin, tulad ng kung i-wax pa ba ang sasakyan o car wash lang, at gaano kalaki ang sasakyan, katulad ng kung truck ba o sedan lang ang sasakyan. Depende din sa lugar ng iyong car wash. Kapag pang-masa ang iyong car wash (tulad ng para sa mga taxi o ordinaryong sasakyan), mas mura ang singil. Kapag naman na sa magandang lugar kung saan mga mayayaman ang nakatira, maaaring mag-charge ng mas mataas.


Pag natayo na ang iyong car wash, maaaring i-advertise ito sa pamamagitan ng signages na malaki na may nakasulat na: “Car Wash”. Maaari ding magbigay ng mga flyers sa mga nakatira s paligid. Siguradong karamihan ng iyong magiging customers ay mga taga roon lang malapit sa iyong car wash, kung kaya’t dapat sila muna ang iyong i-target.

Make sure that you build your business around your skills and knowledge. Your friends and family members can help you spread the word, and past business contacts can introduce your brand to their professional contacts as well. When you start a business, there’ll usually be a period when you’re investing lots of time, effort and money before you start making a profit. Before you do this, it’s important to research your market to make sure your customers will really pay for your product or service.

You may have the best business plan in the world, but without customers, your business is nothing. Create a thoughtful customer-acquisition plan and marketing strategy and be prepared to explain it to investors, partners and stakeholders, as this will undoubtedly be the first questions they ask.

Don't be afraid to fail. When you have an idea, figure out the pieces you need quickly, go to market, believe in it, and continue to iterate. If you need more investment, you might be able to raise money to fund your growth plan by selling shares in your business. You can do this by getting friends and family to invest.

Have some written recollection that you are partners, who's responsible for what, and how much money each of you put in.

Ask yourself what people are required to make it work for this idea, for this business?" Eighty percent of start-ups fail because the founders get bored, discouraged, or something else, and they move on to other things, not because of some catastrophe.

Spend a lot of time boiling down what their business is, what it does, and what it represents. If you nail down a 2-5 minute summary that will pay a lot of dividends throughout the life of your business. Do what you know… and love! It will resonate with your customers, employees, and potential investors. And make all the hard work worthwhile. Test it with them and get feedback. Find out what they’d be willing to pay for it. Try out different prices with different customers in a consistent, realistic way to see what people will really pay. Can you make enough money for a return on your investment?

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May isinagawang business research tungkol dito ang DTI (, pero hindi ata updated prices (based pa sa 2007 prices)


A. Equipment:

1 Pressure washer compact electric 1600 watts, 5.5 liters/minute –
1 Vacuum cleaner with blower, 750 watts 6 meter – 3,144.75
1 Power sprayer 1/2 horsepower, 26 inch – 4,567,50
1 Pressure tank 340 liters – 6,688.45
1 2-step ladder – 420.00
3 Drums (for storing water) @367.50/pc – 1,102.50
2 Hose @315.00/pc – 630.00
3 Pails/buckets @82.45/pc – 247.35

Total – P 23,100.55

B. Direct Cost (Materials and Supplies per Month):

3 pcs Chamois @100.00/pc – 300.00
24 pcs All-purpose rags @5.25/4 pcs – 63.00
4 pcs Car sponge (big) @40.00/pc – 160.00

Sub-Total – P 523.00

C. Supplies:

60 liters Car shampoo – 8,250.00
15 liters Car wax liquid wax hi-gloss finish – 7,125.00
15 liters Tire black – 6,750.00
450 ml Car polisher/shine (for detailing) scratch remover ultra hi-gloss finish – 1,350.00

Sub-Total – P 14,642.25

Total – P 15,165.25

D. Indirect Cost:

Labor cost (330.00/day x 30 days) – 9,990.00
Electricity – 2,100.00
Water – 840.00
Contingency (10% of direct costs) – 1,516.50

Total – P 14,356.50


Wash Process

Upon drive-in, attendant wets the car and loosens the dirt before the application of detergents. Deep-cleaning foam is created when car shampoo, water, and air is mixed and goes through the power sprayer. The car body is scrubbed using soft cloths or a sponge, making sure there is no particles caught up in them that could scratch the car.

Tire black is applied to remove brake dust and brighten the black rubber of tire. For pre-rinsing, pressure washer is used. It is a system of rotating water jets that spray concentrated streams of water on the car. The strength of the stream and the circular motion combine to provide a powerful scrubbing action. The car goes through a final rinse by using hose and water to remove whatever residue is left.

Dry Process

Wiping the whole body using the chamois to absorb water or moisture. After wiping, apply car wax to polish and protect from dust.

As an added service, attendant may clean the interior, removing trash and vacuuming carpets and seats.


Direct cost for 1 vehicle (total direct cost / 20 cars / 30 days) – 25.27
Add: Indirect cost for 1 vehicle (total indirect cost / 20 cars / 30 days) – 23.92
Add: 25% mark-up – 49.19

Service rate – P 61.48
Market rate – P 70 to 80.00

The higher the number of vehicles/day, the lower the cost, thus increasing the mark-up to 50%.


17 cars @70.00 x 30 days – 35,700.00
3 vans @80.00 x 30 days – 7,200.00
10 cars @40 x 30 days (for tire black and vacuuming) – 12,000.00
8 cars @500 (for detailing) – 4,000

Sub-total – 58,900.00

Direct cost – 15,165.25
Indirect cost – 14,356.50

Sub-total – 29,521.75

Net Income Monthly – P 29,378.25
(or net income daily) – P 979.30

Kapansin-pansin na hindi kasama dito ang rent o upa. Malamang ito ay dahil ina-assume nila na may sariling pwesto na ang may-ari, para makatipid. Hindi rin naman kamahalan ang upa, dahil pwede na ang bakanteng lote na may malakas na tubig na gripo. Depende sa lugar kung magkano ang upa. Sabihin na nating P7,000-10,000 sa Metro Manila. Kapag may kamaganak ka na may bakanteng pwesto na hindi ginagamit, mas maganda. Pwede rin naman ang car wash sa tabi ng ibang negosyo, halimbawa restaurant. Meron kasi iba na may negosyo pero may extra space sila na gusto nila paupahan.
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