How to know which arm has the higher blood pressure? Left or right arm

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To determine which arm has the higher blood pressure, it is recommended to take measurements on both arms at least once and compare the results. To do this:
Sit quietly for at least five minutes before taking the measurements.
Use a blood pressure cuff of the appropriate size for the arm being measured.
Place the cuff on the upper arm, with the bottom of the cuff about one inch above the elbow.
Position the cuff so that the tube is over the brachial artery, which is located on the inside of the arm.
Inflate the cuff and gradually release the pressure while listening for the heartbeat using a stethoscope or an electronic device.
Note the systolic pressure (the higher number) and the diastolic pressure (the lower number) for each arm.
Repeat the measurement on the opposite arm, using the same technique.
Compare the measurements to determine which arm has the higher blood pressure.
It is important to note that blood pressure can vary throughout the day, so it is recommended to take measurements at the same time of day for several days to obtain an accurate reading of an individual's baseline blood pressure. Additionally, if there is a significant difference in blood pressure between the two arms, it is recommended to discuss this with a healthcare provider.

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