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is a Nurse in the Philippines

Araw ng Lunes...

Juan : Ale, may apple po ba kayo?

May-ari : Wala kami apple eh! Alam mo naman na maliit lang to na tindahan.

Araw ng Martes...

Juan : Ale, may apple po kayo?

May-ari : Sus!! Wala kami apple o kaya mansanas, lakas mo mag-trip ah!!

Araw ng Miyerkules...

Juan : Ale, may apple ba kayo?? Yong mansanas..

May-ari : Isang tanong mo pa tungkol sa mansanas at pakuin ko ang bunganga mo na yan!!!(galit na galit).

Araw ng Huwabes....

Juan : Ale, may pako kayo?

May-ari : Ayy!!! Wala kami pako eh!!

Juan : Eh!! Apple meron kayo???


Adlaw sang Lunes...........

Juan : Nang, may apple kamo diri?

Tag-iya : Wala noy! Gamay lang ang tiangge ko. Wala kami gabaligya prutas.

Adlaw sang Martes....

Juan : Nang, may mansanas kamo?

Tag-iya : Wala gani, apple man o mansanas wala kmi. Kadungol sa imo nga bata ah!!

Adlaw sang Myerkules.....

Juan : Nang, may apple kamo?

Tag-iya : Isa pa ka pamangkot, ilansang ko gid na ang imo baba.

Adlaw sang Hwebes.......

Juan : nang, may lansang kamo?

Tag-iya : Sus!! Wala gid..

Juan : Ahhh!!! Ti mansanan may ara kamo???

Man Inside the Bus

On a crowded bus, one man noticed that another man had his eyes closed.

Peter: What's the matter? Are you sick?

John: No, I'm okay. It's just that I hate to see old ladies standing.

A Dog Bite the Man

A man walks into a shop and sees a cute little dog.

John: Does your dog bite?

Shopkeeper: No, my dog does not bite.

The man tries to pet the dog and the dog bites him.

John: Ouch! I thought you said your dog does not bite!

Shopkeeper: That is not my dog!

Who Are The Best Among The Three Restaurant

There were three restaurants on the same block. One day one of them put up a


Peter: The Best Restaurant in the City.

The next day, the largest restaurant on the block put up a larger sign.

Simon: The Best Restaurant in the World."

On the third day, the smallest restaurant put up a small sign.

John: The Best Restaurant on this Block."

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Precious Gomez

I am knowledgeable in the use of computer and online apps. I've done freelance article writing for more than 5 years. I am hard working. I still have a lot of things to learn and very open for training and guidance. Thank you so much for viewing my profile.
Profession: Nurse
Philippines , National Capital Region , Pasig


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