Huwag kang susuko - May bukas at habang may buhay, may pag-asa-Do not give up

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Don't give up. Have patience, try again and persist.

Hindi ka na makahinga, malalagutan ka na…susuko ka na ba?

Marami sa atin kung kalian malapit ng maabot ang hinahangad na pangarap ay saka naman titigil. Bakit kaya ganoon?

Hindi ginawa ang tao para sa wala, ginawa siya para sa isang pagpupunyagi. Ito ay labanan ang mga negatibong kaisipan na nagpapababa ng kanyang pagkatao. Ito ay ang kawalan ng pag-asa, kawalan ng tiwala sa sarili, at panghihina ng kalooban.

Kailangan lumaban, magpatuloy at tingnan ang istorya ng buhay mo na ikaw ay nagtagumpay. Paano mo ba magagawa ito?

Una, maging positibo. Balikan ang mga araw kung saan ikay ay masaya o may nagawa kang maganda. Kumbinsihin ang sarili na ‘kaya ko ito’, ulitin ito ng isandaang beses hanggang maging maayos ang pakiramdam.

Pangalawa, makihalubilo sa mga taong positibo at masasaya. Iwanan muna ang mga taong nagiging dahilan para ikaw ay ma-stress. Nakakahawa ang mga taong laging maganda ang pananaw sa buhay. Malawak ang kanilang pang-unawa sa buhay. Sila ay may bisyon, may tinatanaw na magandang bukas. Hindi sila nakatuon sa negatibong sitwasyon ngunit sila ay tumitingin sa kung ano pa ang pwede mong itama sa kanilang pagkakamali.

Any successful accomplishment that has ever been achieved is a product of an essential trait called persistence. The ability to hold on or to get back up after we have been knocked down is essential for us to achieve any real success, because there will be failures along the way and it is how we deal with these failures that will determine the outcome of any endeavour that we undertake. Things don't usually go as planned. So be ready when the inevitable roadblocks stand in your way. Failure teaches a lot more than success.

Regular planning is critical for running a business but preparedness and persistence is even more important than the best possible business plan. Have you allowed doubt to creep in and rationalize that it "Must not have been meant to be" because you encountered some opinion or obstacle that seemed to hard to overcome?

As leaders, persistence is a quality that we absolutely have to have, nobody will follow a quitter, if that is our reputation then why should people follow us. If we lack persistence they know that at the first sign of trouble we will waver and at the first failure there is a high probability that we will quit. Persistence is about being willing to fail, learning from the experience, and trying again

An inspiring quote about persistence comes from Martin Luther King Jr. said, "If you can't fly you run, if you can't run you walk, if you can't walk you crawl. But no matter what, you keep moving forward." Regardless of what your dream may be, and no matter how big or small it is, if you had the ability to think it, you can most certainly and surely have the ability to accomplish it, if you’ll choose to persist. One of the reasons why the great scientists, businessmen, authors, politicians etc. are so successful is because they persisted when everything and nearly everyone around them was indicating failure.

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