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What’s the difference between an LED TV and an LCD TV?

Ano pinagkaiba ng LED TV sa LCD TV? Simple lang: Isang klaseng LCD TV ang LED TV. Ibig sabihin, parehas silang gumagamit ng LCD o liquid crystal display. Ang pinagkaibahan lang ang type ng backlight na ginagamit.

Gumagamit ang LCD TVs ng cold cathode florescent lamps (CCFLs) para sa backlighting, habang ang LED TVs naman ay gumagamit ng light emitting diodes (LEDs). Mas maliit ang LEDs kaysa sa CCFLs, kaya ang mga LED TVs ay kadalasan na mas manipin at mas energy efficient kaysa sa LCD TVs. Siyempre, mas mahal din kadalasan ang LED TVs kaysa sa LCD.

Kapag picture quality naman ang paguusapan, kailangan muna nating tignan ang pinagkaiba ng edge-lit at full-array LED TVs. Mayroon feature na tinatawag na local dimming ang full-array LED TVs, na kayang i-turn off ang iilang mga LEDs, para mas gumanda ang overall contrast at mas malinaw ang picture.

Kapag gusto mo ng manipis at energy efficient (matipid sa kuryente) na TV at maganda ang picture quality, siyempre ang full-array LED TV ang pinakamaganda para sa iyo. Yan ay kapag may pera o budget ka. Kapag ok lang sa iyo na hindi ganyan ka sharp o kalinaw ang picture, pero gusto mo parin ng manipis at matipid sa kuryente na TV, pwede mo bilin ang edge-lit LED TV. Kapag kulang talaga o limitado ang budget mo, may mga magaganda rin naman na flat panel LCD television naman. Pero unti-unti na rin nawawala ngayon ang LCD TV, at panay mga LED TV narin binebenta. Pwede ka pumunta sa mga electronics appliance stores para tignan kung ano mga merong choices at alin ang pinagkaiba ng quality at pumili ng pinakamaganda base sa budget mo.

Medyo bihira na rin ngayon ang plasma screens, dahil mas malaki at mabigat ito, makonsumo sa kuryente at mahal ang presyo kumpara sa LED. Pero pinakamaganda naman ang picture ng high-end plasma.

Tips for non-techie people

Some non-techie people just double click on ever button or hyperlink that they see and want to open. That includes links and buttons on the web browser. They would double click on the Google searches to open them too and it can be really annoying watching them using the computer at some point.

A lot of the tips people find for managing their personal budget involve using online banking or spreadsheets. If you’re not comfortable with technology, that can be difficult. Also, you may not have much gadgets or technology at home, purchasing a new computer or tablet might not be in your budget. But nowadays, laptops and tablets are getting cheaper and cheaper.

In the modern world, being at least somewhat technology competent is necessary. That is why, even if you are non-techie, creating a detailed business plan will help you set realistic deadlines and expectations. It would also make lining up potential teammates and future investors a lot easier. Finding a talented tech person or programmer who can make your business vision a reality. You could search within a college’s computer science program or, a computer association or ask a friend. Whether your team consists of two or ten people, it is important that everyone is compatible. You will be spending the next few months working together very closely.

Promoting a site is time consuming. The very second a blogger realizes this the first inclination is to go out and search for some form of paid promotion. In other words, go to Google or Facebook or some big website related to the topic you write about and pay the site money for advertisement space. Provided that your content is something people want to read, Facebook is an excellent and easy way to keep readers coming back to your blog. Maintaining a healthy blog is all about having a consistent readership.

Pictures do speak better and more than words. If one good illustration can explain something clearly instead of a whole paragraph, use the illustration.

Simple, low-tech approaches to managing a budget are easy and simple to implement, and often have a bigger long-term impact on spending habits than sophisticated software. The essential factor is to have a plan, not just spend and then act surprised when you run out of money.

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