Can stress cause swelling of gums? Periodontitis Pananakit ng Gilagid ng ngipin

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Yes, stress can cause swelling of gums. When a person is stressed, their body releases a hormone called cortisol, which can cause inflammation throughout the body. This inflammation can affect the gums and cause them to become swollen.
Stress can also weaken the immune system, making it harder for the body to fight off infections in the mouth. This can lead to gum disease, which can cause swelling and tenderness of the gums.
Additionally, stress can cause people to engage in behaviors that can be harmful to the gums, such as clenching or grinding their teeth. This can put pressure on the gums and cause them to become inflamed and swollen.
If you are experiencing gum swelling, it's important to see a dentist or dental hygienist to determine the cause and receive appropriate treatment. They can help identify any underlying issues and provide guidance on how to manage the swelling and prevent it from worsening.

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