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Good day! May the Lord bless you and your family.

I am May and a mother of 5 I worked as a regular call center agent way back 2013 at one of the known call centers here. I am currently located here in the province of Negros Oriental.My partner unfortunately do not have a stable job.He is working as a glass installer. Sometimes he is hired to butcher and cook LECHON which his salary is 160.00 Php per pig.

An incident happened to my 3rd daughter way back 2013 at that time she was 2 years old. I needed money so I can have her checked by a specialist. So I opted to borrow money from a lending company here at my province. I used the money to have my baby checked and pay the bills as well as purchase her medicines.Original amount is 40,000.00 Php and they took my ATM as collateral.The lending company directly withdrew my salary and give me the remaining money left after they deduct my loan payment.

Everything was going well until I got sick.I wasn't able to pay since I lost my job. I was jobless for many months and then was lucky to be hired again but needed to quit since no one can tend to my babies.I got several different jobs but only lasted for 3 - 4 months since I needed to take care of my babies. I was transferring from one company to the other. Then jobless again.

Unfortunately I got pregnant on my fourth kid. The pregnancy was rough since I need to deliver the baby through forceps delivery October of 2014.I was again jobless. When my baby was 4 months old I applied and got hired in early month of 2015,however I quit the job since I will be assigned in Manila. Then I tried to apply in other centers, I got hired but quit after a few months since I got sick and diagnosed for TOXIC GOITER and GALL STONES.I didn't give up instead I applied again and was hired February of 2016 however I was not expecting that I was again pregnant for my fifth child.My OB advised me to stay bed rest to avoid miscarriage so I again resigned.I quit from my job July 2016.

Then I gave birth to a premature baby girl August of 2016.Which until now don't have a birth certificate since I have an existing unpaid hospital bill.Being the breed winner I need to work.After a month I then try to look for a job to sustain my families needs.Luckily I was hired last September 2016 but my salary was not enough to support my family. I was earning 4,000.00 Php per pay out 15 and 30 of each month minus the SSS,Pag-ibig and TAX. I stayed with the company from September 2016 until January of 2017. When the company declared bankruptcy and need to let go some of their employees since I was not a regular employee so I was one of the few who were asked to stop. I was again jobless and now March of 2017 I was hired and currently working with a salary of 10,000.00 Php monthly excluding taxes and government mandated deductions.

I was shocked when my salary loan turned out to be over 300,000.00 Php now and I am bothered and worry. I have 5 children age 10,8,5,2 and 7 months old.I am acting as their father since I am the breed winner, my live in partner on the other hand trying to help me. He accepts and do any job offered to him as long as he can earn as well.My 3 kids are currently studying at a government elementary school here in our province.

I cant sleep every night for one of the company employee told me that they will file a case and imprison me. I am confused,worried and bothered cant concentrate. Since a lot of people told me that this said firm will really find a way to put their clients in jail for unpaid debt.

I really need help badly, a lot of things are entering my mind now. I am planning to commit suicide but I cant leave my children behind.

Please help me....I need help....



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Adelaimar C Arias-Jose
is a Legal expert in the Philippines
Una sa lahat, ang iyong lending investor ay usurious ang rates. Sa totoo, puedeng ikaw pa ang mag-demanda sa kanila. hamunin mo, sige, kamo, idemanda ninyo ako. Wala kayong papeles sa Central Bank, wala kayong pahintulot at rehistro, sabihin mo. At ang inyong interest ay sobra sobra sa legal interest.

Magkano ba ang naibayad mo na so far sa 40k na iyong unang inutang? Baka naman nabayaran mo na ng buo ang principal. So, dapat tapos na iyon. Kung ikaw ay i-harass, isumbong mo sa pulis. Magdemanda ka.

Sa totoo, dapat, ang iyong ATM ay iyong idineklare na lost. Ang ATM ay personal property. Kung ang suweldo mo ay dumadaan sa ATm mo, hindi puedeng sila ang mag-withdraw noon. Tapos, ibibigay laman nila sa iyo ang bawas mo nang suweldo matindi naman iyon.

Naalala mo bang galit na galit iyong tao sa Malacanang sa mga illegal na lending investor na nagpa-5-6? Iyon ang sabihin mo. Magpa-blotter ka na. Sa tuwi ikaw ay tatawagan at ihaharass, ikaw ay magsumbong sa pulis, sa barangay. Idemanda mo na ng grave coercion at kung ikaw ay bantaan, idemanda mo ng grave threat.

Humanap ka ng abogado na tutulong sa iyo. Ipa-media mo, idulog mo sa mga radio sa mga public service. Kailangang mai-lantad ang mga taong mapang-api na ganyan. Kahit saan ka pumunta, ang utang na 40k na lumobo sa 300,000 ay usurious.
Adelaimar C Arias-Jose
is a Legal expert in the Philippines
100% interest na iyan, labis pa!
May Sun
is in the Philippines
Ang first loan po ay 6000 + interest na payable in 1 month tapos pwede ka na magdag dag kahit magkano. so ang nagyari eh interest + interest + interest.... masyado pong ma influential ang family nila at mayaman wala kami masyadong laban na mga mahihirap.
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