1 month na pong nangangati ang ari ko. May rashes po ang outer genital ko and I have burning sensation at night.?

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I also feel burning in my anal area. Ano po ba ang dapat gawin? Medyo nahihiya po kasi akong magpaconsult sa gynecologist. 


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Mahalagang magpa konsulta sa doktor o healthcare professional para sa medical concerns, lalo na kapag di nawawala mga sintomas tulad ng pangangati, rashes, at burning sensation sa maseselang bahagi. Maaaring indikasyon ito ng iba't ibang kondisyon, tulad ng impeksiyon o allergic reactions, na nangangalingan ng medical evaluation para ma-diagnose at mabigyan ng tamang lunas.

Kahit po nahihiya, importante na magpatingin sa doctor. Dermatologists, gynecologists, or general practitioners can help. They are trained to handle such cases professionally and confidentially.

Telemedicine Options: If visiting a doctor in person is uncomfortable, consider telemedicine services. Many healthcare providers offer online consultations, which can be less intimidating.

Self-Care in the Meantime: Keep the area clean and dry, avoid using scented soaps or lotions, and wear loose, breathable clothing. These measures can alleviate discomfort and prevent further irritation.

Avoid Self-Medication: It's important not to self-treat with over-the-counter medications without a proper diagnosis, as this might worsen the condition.

Take Note of Symptoms: Keeping a record of your symptoms, including when they started, any potential triggers (like new products or foods), and any other relevant information, can be helpful during your consultation.

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