Should I consider my period day 1 if it starts in the evening?

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I am tracking my period po for the past 3 months na, I am just wondering kung dapat ko bang e consider na day 1 period ko if it starts in the evening, mga 8pm po siya nag start. And it's not really a heavy period, very light lang siya
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Yes, if your period starts in the evening around 8 PM, you should consider that day as Day 1 of your menstrual cycle. The start of your period is marked by the first appearance of bleeding, not by the flow's intensity or the time of day it begins. It doesn't matter if the flow is light or heavy; it's still the start of your cycle. Tracking your cycle starting from this point can help you understand your menstrual pattern better and predict future periods more accurately. It's also useful to note the characteristics of the flow, such as whether it's light or heavy, which can be valuable information for understanding your overall menstrual health.

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