What are the most popular memes? What is a meme? Definition, Meaning, Examples

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A meme is a cultural concept or behavior that spreads from person to person within a group or society, often through the internet or social media. Memes can be images, videos, phrases, or any other form of media that is easily shareable and can take on a life of its own. They often rely on humor, irony, or sarcasm to convey a message or evoke a reaction. Memes can also evolve over time, with new variations or interpretations emerging as they are shared and remixed by different people. Some memes become very popular and are widely recognized, while others are more niche and only understood by a particular subculture or group.

The popularity of memes can vary over time and across different online communities, but here are some of the most popular and enduring memes:

1. "Distracted Boyfriend": a stock photo of a man turning to look at another woman while his girlfriend looks on in disapproval.

2. "Woman Yelling at a Cat": a meme that pairs a photo of a woman yelling with a picture of a cat looking confused.

3. "Drake Hotline Bling": a meme that uses a still from Drake's music video for
"Hotline Bling," where he is shown making a phone gesture with his hand.

4. "Mocking SpongeBob": a meme that uses an image of SpongeBob
SquarePants mocking someone by repeating their words in a distorted and alternating case format.

5. "Expanding Brain": a meme that uses a series of images of a brain expanding to show increasingly complex and absurd ideas.

6. "Pepe the Frog": a character created by artist Matt Furie, which became a popular meme often used in politically charged contexts.

7. "Surprised Pikachu": a meme that features a picture of Pikachu, the popular Pokemon character, with a surprised expression.

8. "This is fine": a comic strip by artist KC Green, showing a dog sitting in a room on fire, while saying "this is fine."

9. "Ight, Imma head out": a meme that features a picture of SpongeBob 12. SquarePants with the phrase "Ight, Imma head out" used to express a desire to leave or end a conversation.

These are just a few examples of popular memes, and new ones are constantly being created and shared on the internet.


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